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Thinking or talking about death can be uncomfortable, but the truth is that no one is promised tomorrow. If you pass on without an enforceable estate plan – a plan for how your assets will be distributed to your family members – much of the wealth, property, and estate you worked for your entire life could be lost to creditors, the government, and court fees. Your loved ones will also be left in a difficult financial position; they may not know how you wanted your assets divided, or they may not receive their inheritance right away due to court processes like probate. That’s why estate planning is crucial!

Every Utah resident needs to work with a Utah estate planning lawyer to get their affairs organized and protect their family from stress. Green Legal Group is here to help you create an individualized, comprehensive plan based on your specific needs. Call us today to schedule a free consultation, learn about your next steps, and get peace of mind!

Everyone Needs an Estate Plan. Green Legal Group Can Make Sure Yours Will Achieve Your Goals.

Many people believe that only wealthy people need to have estate plans in place, but this isn’t true – everyone who owns property or has children, no matter the size of their estate, needs a plan. A well-drafted estate plan can prevent the lengthy and emotionally-draining probate process that will otherwise likely need to occur when you pass away before your family can take possession of your assets. Probate can significantly deplete your assets, and because it takes a long time, your family may not have the resources they need until the process is complete. Proper planning allows you to keep providing for your family long after you have exited the world.

Estate planning can be an involved process because there are so many legal, financial, and practical considerations to be made. In order to ensure that you make the right decisions that will achieve your goals and include the proper documents in your plan, you need to enlist the guidance of knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced estate planning lawyers. At Green Legal Group, we know that every life is unique, so their estate plans can’t be the same. That’s why we take a personalized approach to assist you in designing a plan that best suits your family’s situation. We account for your family’s dynamics, financials, and other specific details of your life to enable us to tailor your plan to your circumstances. Our team will ensure that your estate plan is compliant with Utah state laws and will bypass probate!

Estate Planning Is More Than Just Making A Will. Our Comprehensive Plans Include All Of The Documents You Need!

Many people are under the misconception that merely having a simple will is enough to protect their family’s future, but having a will alone isn’t enough to prevent probate, and a will only goes into effect when you pass away – what happens to your family, your assets, and yourself if you become incapacitated? For an estate plan to effectively guard your assets now and distribute them according to your wishes when you pass on, it must include a variety of necessary legal tools. What your specific estate plan includes will depend on your individual situation, but you may need:

  • A Will: A legal document that spells out how you wish your assets to be distributed and how your children will be cared for when you’re gone.
  • A Living Will or Advance Directive: A written statement that details your desires about future medical treatment if you cannot express informed consent.
  • A Living Trust: A fiduciary arrangement that controls your assets while you’re still alive and provides for the management/distribution of assets owned in the trust when you pass. 
  • A Charitable Trust: An irrevocable trust (meaning the terms can’t be changed) created for charitable purposes and funded with cash or securities
  • A Income-Only Trust: A type of living trust specifically designed for Medicaid planning. It protects you from losing your assets to a nursing home to cover care costs.
  • A Durable Power of Attorney: Allows you to give someone else the ability to make legal and financial decisions on your behalf if you are not able to do so. The power of attorney remains in effect until your demise or until you or the court revokes the document.
  • And more.

Unlike many other estate planning attorneys, who work with a “set it and forget it” approach, Green Legal Group will update your plan when you need it according to life changes and ensure your family understands how it works. We’re hyper-focused on ensuring clients hear from us regularly and always talk to an actual person.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late to Plan for Your Family’s Future. Call Green Legal Group Today to Schedule Your Free 30 Minute Consultation.

A lot goes into estate planning, and because you can’t be sure of what the future holds, you shouldn’t wait to start securing your legacy. At Green Legal Group, we have over 15 years of combined experience in estate planning law; our extensive knowledge of Utah estate planning and probate law can give you peace of mind. We want to get to know you, answer your questions, and explain your options so you can enjoy your life knowing that everyone you love and everything you care about is safe. Call today to book your free initial consultation and learn more!

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