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Any family transition can be full of emotions and conflict. The hardest part of splitting up the family in a divorce is determining child custody. Hopefully, you and your spouse both love your children and want what’s best for them; you want to do the right thing for your child, but when hurt, anger, and fear are involved, it can be difficult to see past these emotions and know what the right thing to do is. How custody is set affects your child’s well-being, their relationship with you and your spouse, and your finances for years to come. Even if you think that you can agree on a custody arrangement amicably, there is too much at stake to risk not having great legal representation on your side.

That’s why you need to find a Utah child custody attorney who cares about what you’re going through and who can help you protect your parental rights while also meeting your child’s needs. Green Legal Group is here to help! Our compassionate child custody lawyers can lead you to the custody arrangement that makes sense for your whole family. Call us today to schedule a free consultation and learn about your next steps.

We Help You Understand Utah’s Custody Laws, What Your Legal Options Are, & What to Expect So You Feel Empowered Throughout The Process.

“Custody” is a broad term for a variety of different aspects of you and your child’s future that are being determined. These are just a few of the things decided in a Utah child custody case:

When and where the other parent can visit their children
Where the children will live
Who is in charge of making decisions about the children
How much child support will be paid
Which parent will provide health care coverage
Who will claim the child on tax forms

In Utah, there are several options for custody, including sole (one parent has custody) and joint (both parents share custody). There are also different types of custody, such as physical custody (time with the child) and legal custody (decision-making authority over the child). When one parent has sole physical custody, then parent time (or visitation rights) must also be determined. It’s a complex situation, and you can navigate it much more easily with a lawyer who can explain how it works and who can guide you every step of the way through the process.

The Utah court system will focus on the best interests of your child. They will examine all the evidence related to your case; in certain circumstances, they may even talk to your children. They will also look at information from your child’s primary care provider to determine what your child is familiar with. Then they will do their best to provide your child with an environment that is stable, nurturing, and safe. However, the court doesn’t know your family, and may be biased against you for a variety of different reasons, which is why it is important to have a team of lawyers on your side, representing your parental rights and presenting your case for custody in the best light. Green Legal Group will help you navigate the system and communicate with the courts according to your custody goals.

Determining Custody Is Always Hard, But Green Legal Group Makes It Easier By Promoting A Cooperative Environment.

If a custody battle turns bitter, the children are the ones who pay the price. From hearing callous remarks about a parent to not seeing a parent for weeks, months, or even years, they live with the negativity their parents invite in with the battle. At Green Legal Group, we strive to avoid this by taking the most amicable approach possible.

Good parents want what is best for their child. And the best way to achieve what is truly in the child’s best interests is for both parents to work together. It’s not always easy to do this, depending on your relationship with your spouse, but our attorneys have a proven track record of promoting a cooperative environment to ensure the best outcome for the children. It is critical to realize that a solid custody arrangement does not have to be entirely one parent or the other. We can help you and your spouse or former spouse come to a joint-custody agreement that is best for your child so they can grow up in a nurturing environment, which is what you really want for your child! Sharing equal time with the children is fair to both parents and allows the children to have as much time with both parents as possible.

Of course, there are instances where joint custody is not reasonable, and fighting can’t be avoided. There are cases where it is in the children’s best interest to be raised by one parent with only visitation by the other parent (or even no contact at all). In these cases, we are prepared and can advocate for you to receive sole custody.

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When you work with our law firm, we take the time to truly understand your family dynamics and your fears so we can offer the highest quality representation possible. During your free consultation, we’ll answer all of your questions, explain your options, and take the burden of uncertainty off you. At Green Legal Group, we have over 15 years of combined experience on our legal team; our extensive knowledge of Utah custody and family law can give you peace of mind. Call today to book your free initial consultation and learn more.

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