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Americans are facing hard economic times, and many are grappling with mounting debt that they can’t repay. “Bankruptcy” is a word that strikes fear in the hearts of many people, but that’s because there are so many popular misconceptions surrounding it. The reality is that it may be the best way to get rid of overwhelming debt, start rebuilding your credit, and get back on your feet financially! Navigating bankruptcy can be complicated, which is why Green Legal Group is here to help. Our experienced bankruptcy lawyers are well-versed in Utah bankruptcy proceedings and in Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. You can trust us to guide you through the process. Call us today to schedule a free consultation and learn about your next steps.

When You’re Facing Bankruptcy, Green Legal Group Can Make Sure You Get The Fresh Financial Start You Need.

Many people fear bankruptcy because they’ve heard and believed many myths surrounding what it actually is and what it does. Simply put, bankruptcy is a way of eliminating massive debt. It is an incredibly important legal tool that can help people recalibrate their financial lives and live more sustainably. It doesn’t mean that you’re financially irresponsible, or that you’ve failed; there are many factors that can lead to bankruptcy outside your control (inflation, an illness, a pandemic, job loss, etc.), and thousands of people who have declared bankruptcy have gone on to achieve tremendous financial success. Bankruptcy won’t permanently ruin your credit, and it doesn’t mean that you will necessarily lose your possessions.

On the contrary, there are numerous benefits it offers; filing for bankruptcy will often confer an automatic stay, stopping creditors from harassing you and taking active collection measures (such as garnishing your wages or seizing your personal property, including foreclosure). Filing for bankruptcy also allows you to start rebuilding damaged credit by discharging some or all of your debt completely, which can improve your debt-to-income ratio. As a result, your credit score may even improve immediately as this ratio is factored in calculating your credit score.

There are three main types of bankruptcies:

● Chapter 13: This is sometimes referred to as a reorganization bankruptcy. It is designed for individuals whose regular income allows them to pay back a portion of the money they owe. Some of the debt will be discharged, and we will negotiate a payment plan for the remainder that gives you several years to pay off a smaller amount of debt.

● Chapter 7: This is also known as a liquidation or straight bankruptcy. This type of bankruptcy can help you discharge most of your unsecured debt when you do not have the means of income to repay your debt. Some of your possessions (but not all, and not which ones you may fear losing) may need to be sold in order to pay a portion of the debt.

At Green Legal Group, our bankruptcy lawyers have the extensive legal knowledge necessary to help you understand and navigate bankruptcy. We understand that life can be unfair, and sometimes good people find themselves in financial trouble due to reasons beyond their control, which is why we treat all our clients with compassion.

Navigating Bankruptcy Can Be Complicated. Trust An Experienced Utah Bankruptcy Lawyer To Do It Correctly.

Filing for bankruptcy is an intricate process that requires a thorough knowledge of bankruptcy laws in Utah. Since the terms change from case to case, your ability to negotiate with the court determines what terms you get. This is assuming that your filing is successful in the first place. Any slight mistake could have significant consequences on your bankruptcy case in Utah. Working with the skilled bankruptcy attorneys at Green Legal Group can make a major difference in how your financial future unfolds! Our team can advocate for you and work towards a fair resolution. We can ensure you get the best possible outcome.

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When you work with our law firm, you work with caring legal professionals who know what you need to do to get a fresh financial start, and you can rely on us to help you get there. During your consultation, we will take the time to get to know you and get an accurate picture of your financial situation. We can answer all of your questions about how we can help and explain all of your legal options.. At Green Legal Group, we have over 15 years of combined experience on our legal team; our extensive knowledge of Utah bankruptcy law can give you peace of mind. Call today to book your free initial consultation and learn more.

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