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Protect your work from being stolen! Green Legal Group provides advice and counseling services for all aspects of trademark law in Utah. We represent individuals, small businesses, and large businesses seeking to protect their brand by registering a trademark.

What is a Trademark?

Trademarks are used when an individual or business needs to claim ownership over the origin of a product or service. Trademarks are often applied to words, designs, or phrases to distinguish the product or service from its competitors. Trademarks are applied to distinctive names, logos, and slogans. There are two styles of trademarks, registered and unregistered. The ® symbol is used to identify a trademark registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USTPO). The ™ symbol is used to identify pending marks, state marks, or common law trademark that is not susceptible to the rights offered to registered mark.

Trademark Registration

In order to register a trademark, you will need to fill out an application with the USPTO. Registering a trademark will require specific details related to the goods and services you provide. Our trademark attorneys at Green Legal Group will offer expert services on how to correctly fill out the application to ensure you are able to receive the trademark. Our attorneys will handle all areas of the trademark registration process including:

• Submitting an intent-to-use application
• Conducting research for trademark search
• Determining the trademark class for your product or service
• Preparing and filing the trademark registration

What is Trademark Infringement?

We often run into situations where individuals have been using a trademark without ever registering it. Then major problems arise when people or businesses begin to market with the same name or similar products. Registering your trademark will keep this from happening and make sure that your trademark is yours and yours alone.

Trademark infringement occurs when there is unauthorized use of a trademark or service mark related to goods or services. Can someone sue you for trademark infringement? Absolutely. Green Legal Group can help both businesses and individuals in Utah with trademark infringement problems.

What does a trademark owner need to prove for an infringement case? There are several things a trademark owner needs to prove, including the following:
• That it own a valid trademark
• That use by the defendant infringes on its trademark
• Monetary relief, including profits and damages sustained by the plaintiff and costs of action
• Cost of attorney fees

Contact our trademark attorneys at the Green Legal Group today if you have questions or concerns relating to trademark law.

Trademark Enforcement

Trademark enforcement is necessary if your company can lose market share by not distinguishing your product and service from your competition. Green Legal Group will aggressively and efficiently enforce clients’ trademark rights through custom legal plans. We counsel clients about different enforcement strategies and areas that you need to be aware of that include false advertising, counterfeit, antitrust, and gray market goods.

Trademark Licensing

At Green Legal Group, we help to protect your legal rights. Our attorneys help your organization to protect your products, goods, and services. We provide intellectual property protection and focus on providing assistance with trademarks and patents.

Get started with the trademark licensing process today by contacting our trademark attorneys at Green Legal Group.

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