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When going through a divorce, several things can cause undue stress and frustration. Dealing with child support arrangements can be tough to navigate. If you are concerned about your former spouse not paying child support, or you are worried you will not receive enough child support, contact our Child Support Attorneys in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Green Legal Group provides legal representation for individuals and families throughout Utah with child support and custody cases. We are an experienced family law firm and have the knowledge and understanding you need of the Utah court system. We strive to find the best possible arrangement for you and your children.

How Utah Determines Child Support

To determine a fair arrangement for child support, the Utah court system will consider both parents’ incomes and total support obligation is determined on this statute. The support obligation is split between the parents based on their parent time and income. Child support is normally straightforward but there are some cases where it can be complicated.

Our first priority when taking on a child support case is to review your financial situation and the needs of your children. We will provide you with the best legal advice for your case based on the information we learn. Child support in Utah is required for all cases involving minor children. If you are not married, divorced, or married, we can help you understand Utah child support laws. There are specific laws and guidelines for child support in cases when a paternity test is required to determine parental rights.

Calculating Child Support Costs

In the state of Utah, child support is calculated based on a table from each parent’s income. Certain situations, such as individuals that are self-employed, can change the child support costs. There are additional costs related to child support including:

Medical expenses
Child care costs
Educational expenses

Unpaid Child Support

Sometimes, even after a child support award is ordered, the child support payments are not paid. There are legal mechanisms your attorney can use to try and get back unpaid child support payments so you can take care of your children.

Whether you want to ensure you get the support you deserve or whether you are not receiving support at all, our child support attorneys at the Green Legal Group can help you make sure that your children are taken care of. Contact one of our child support attorneys today for a free consultation.

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