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Unfair Competition


Unfair Competition

Have you worked hard, only to see other people stealing your ideas or products? Being a small business owner is hard enough, but when you have to deal with unfair competition, it can tank your new business before it even has a chance to begin. Green Legal Group provides legal advice and representation for anyone seeking help with unfair competition.

What is Unfair Competition?

Unfair competition laws are designed to protect businesses and consumers from suffering economic injury cause by another business’s wrongful practices. Unfair competition law involves several areas including:
• Trademark infringement
• Misappropriate
• False advertising
• Theft of trade secrets
• Bait and switch selling tactics
• Unauthorized substitution of one brand of goods for another
• Breach of restrictive covenants
• False representation of products or services
• Trade libel

Federal law will apply in situations where companies are dealing with copyrights, trademarks, and false advertising. The law of competition is normally comprised of torts that case economic injury to businesses through wrongful business practices.

Unfair Competition

We see a lot of businesses come into our office with problems with their brand or product. Unfair competition normally deals with torts that are meant to confuse customers. Unfair competition doesn’t refer to the economic harm with monopolies and antitrust legislation. The unfair act is based upon the context of the business, the action being examined, and the facts of the case. Trademark infringement and misappropriation are the most common areas dealing with unfair competition. Call Green Legal Group to discuss your business and to determine what your legal rights are.

Unfair Trade Practices

Is someone copying your products? Don’t let someone else profit off your work! Consult with our Salt Lake City law firm to discuss your case and we will help you determine the best legal action to take.

How the Law Helps You!

If unfair competition is impacting your business, our goal is to prove this claim to a judge in a court of law. If proven, a judge will issue an injunction stopping wrongful activity and will order your competition to pay economic injuries.

The Federal Trade Commission was established to protect consumers from deceptive trade practices. If there is a conflict between the federal and state law related to the FTC, state law is normally pre-empted. Contact Green Legal Group to learn more about unfair competition and to find out how we can help you gain back the money you rightfully own!