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Do you see the value in your inventions? Don’t let anyone else steal your product or idea before it is ready to launch. A patent is the best way to protect your products and information from competitors. Patents give you the chance to receive profits from your intellectual property, and can assist in the financing for the research and development of your ideas. Get in touch with our patent attorneys today to learn how you can protect your great idea with a patent.

What is a Patent?

When you file for a patent, you are given exclusive rights to protect the invention. Patents allow inventors to have the time to continue focusing on their invention until the time they can file for copyright of the invention. If you have been awarded with a patent, you have the legal authority to exclude others from using, selling, or making inventions based on your idea.

Patent Licensing

Do you want to allow someone else to talk about your idea, or even promote it? If you grant them a patent license, you still get to keep a percentage of the profits and you get to continue owning all rights of the product or invention. The goal is to make sure what you create is actually yours and no one else can take it from you for their personal and financial gain.

Do I Need Protection?

If you want your inventions to be protected, you must file your patent within a year of publicly revealing it. However, it is often necessary for inventors to file for a patent before public reveal. Green Legal Group will help you understand Utah copyright law and what you need to do in order to protect your creative work.

Patent Enforcement

What are your rights for patent enforcement? According to 35 Code 154(a)(1), every patent contains a grant to the patentee to exclude others from making, using, or offering for sale the invention noted for patent.

Don’t let anyone else steal your ideas and make money from them! Our Utah patent attorneys are ready to help you begin filing your patent today. For more information about patents in Utah, contact our Salt Lake City, Utah Law Firm today!