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Utah Divorce Decree Modification

Our Utah Divorce Attorneys can help you modify your divorce decree.

Divorce Decree Modification

While most people cannot wait for their divorce to be finalized, many individuals find themselves with changing circumstances, requiring them to change their divorce decree. A party seeking to modify a divorce decree must show substantial evidence to support their changing circumstances. Some common changes include:

  • Dramatic changes in income
  • Relocation to another state
  • Problems related to child care

Green Legal Group works hard to ensure our clients’ goals are achieved in light of what a prior divorce decree stated.

Changing Custody Terms in Utah

Custody terms are binding, but they can be changed. Our divorce attorneys will file a modification with the court to pursue a change in custody arrangements. The party seeking the change must show that there has been a substantial change since the original order. The court may agree a modification is in order, but they will not approve it without substantial change. Motions filed within six months to one year of the divorce are rarely granted.

How to Prepare for Modification

Once a reasonable amount of time has passed since the original divorce, modifications can be considered. Your behavior during the waiting time is vital to your chance for modification. It is important to focus on being a good parent and adhering to all requirements in your original divorce decree. Failure to make child support payments or skipping designated time with the child can damage your ability to receive modification.

How to Justify Modification

Your past behavior will play a substantial role in your case for modification. If you have not held yourself to high standards of parenting, it will be hard to get the courts to modify your divorce decree. The courts’ sympathies often lie with the other side of the courtroom if you have grievances or disputes that have yet to be resolved. If you have experienced a change in circumstances and need to modify your divorce decree, contact one of our divorce attorneys today for a free consultation, (801) 405-7827.