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Utah Business Attorneys

Utah Business Attorneys can help you start your business

Utah Business Law

Do you want to start a new company? Perhaps you already have an established business, but need business lawyers to assist with employment law and more. Green Legal Group has years of experience handling a variety of business law cases. We understand the various legal issues that Utah businesses face, and we will assist you in making the best decisions for your business. You can count on the Utah business lawyers at Green Legal Group to protect your legal rights.

Banking and Finance

We provide assistance with financial transactions, regulatory compliance, and collections. We assist banks, credit unions, and other lenders with repossessions and other financial matters. Our legal team helps to protect creditor’s rights during bankruptcy proceeding and we will focus on helping your company to avoid bankruptcy as well. We also provide legal advice and assistance for mortgage companies and lenders with mortgage foreclosures.

Business Bankruptcy

Do you need assistance with business bankruptcy? Chapter 11 is the most common business bankruptcy filing, which requires accurate business records and financial documents. Our legal team will assist with all business bankruptcy cases.

Business and Commercial Law

Green Legal Group reviews contracts, leasing agreements, business agreements, and more. We provide legal assistance for asset protection, planning, and business operations.  Our experienced team provides assistance for asset protection planning. We can assist companies in selecting the right professional corporation including a limited liability company, partnership, or corporation.

Employment Law

Our firm counsels employers on a variety of employment issues including employment handbooks, employment contracts, hiring and termination of employees, wage and hour laws, harassment policies, and other employment compliance requirements. We can assist with non-compete clauses and non-disclosure policies to ensure your companies information is protected.

Green Legal Group is here to help your company with all business law related issues. Our team assists with business bankruptcy cases, business litigation, contracts, copyright, employment law, and intellectual property. Contact our firm to discuss your business law case, (801) 405-7827 .