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Trust and Estate Planning Attorneys in Utah

Our estate planning and trust attorneys in Sandy, Utah will help you protect your family.

Protect your loved ones with our Trust and Estate Planning Attorneys

Over half of the public does not have a will or estate plan. There is a common misconception that wills and estates are only for individuals with a significant amount of money, but this is not true. Planning an estate is one of the most important things you can do for your loved ones that you will leave behind. Estate planning is extremely important no matter how large or small your estate is. Green Legal Group has experience handling unique estates and will be able to successfully plan your estate to leave behind your assets to the people you desire rather than the government. Estate plans are designed to ensure your assets are not overtaxed and they are passed on in the correct way. Our Utah estate attorneys will be able to answer your questions related to wills, trusts, power of attorneys, and living wills.

Creating a Trust and Will

Our Utah estate planning attorneys will assist in helping you plan your estate to leave your loved ones with your inheritance. We have an experienced legal team to help you prepare, plan and administer the following:

  • Charitable trust
  • Income only trust
  • Living trust
  • Living will
  • Durable power of attorney

Each case is unique, which requires our attorneys to provide individualized counseling for each client. Our Utah estate planning attorneys are qualified to help you make the best decisions regarding your estate and your loved ones after you pass on.

Assisting Trustees with Wills and Estates

We can assist you with all of the issues regarding the estate and wills of a loved one. If you have been designated to be the trustee, contact our Sandy law firm as we can help you understand how to plan your estate and focus on making the right decisions your loved one wanted. The executors of an estate can be overwhelmed and stressed without someone around to help them.

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