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Probate Litigation Attorneys in Salt Lake City, Utah

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Our attorneys will help you with Probate Litigation

The death of a loved one is a hard time in anyone’s life. Trying to figure out how to handle their estate upon their death can be stressful and frustrating. If your loved one did not have their estate correctly planned, their estate can go through a long process called probate litigation. If you have a large estate with a lot of property and money, you need to consider contacting a Utah estate planning attorney. The Green Legal Group estate planning attorneys in Salt Lake City, Utah have the knowledge and skills you need to ensure your assets will be protected and distributed according to your wishes.

According to probate law, a probate court will identify assets of the deceased and decide on the payment of taxes and other expenses. The property will then be distributed among legal heirs designated in the will. A will must be written clearly to ensure your assets are distributed to your loved ones correctly.

Probate litigation occurs when someone contests a will. Wills can be contested for several reasons including:

  • Beneficiaries not given inventory of the property
  • Claims of undue influence
  • One or more beneficiaries enjoying full benefits
  • Details of the creditors not being disclosed
  • Disputes over who can take over as a personal representative

It is not easy to deal with wills and probate. There are several legal issues involved in probate, which can cause divisions between loved ones. Failure to have an effective will and estate plan can leave behind a lot of anger and frustration for those you love most.

At Green Legal Group, our probate attorneys will provide you with legal assistance related to probate litigation. Our goal is to help you with the sale of assets and help to ensure your final wishes are honored correctly. Our probate attorneys will help you to make the best decisions about what is best for your estate. Contact Green Legal Group today to discuss information related to your probate case, (801) 405-7827.