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Internet Law Issues

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Internet Law Issues

When you put something online, what happens to it? Can your hard work be shared online and credited to someone else? Without the right knowledge of how the Internet works, you could be caught between a rock and a hard place. How do you protect your intellectual property? Green Legal Group provides protection for clients seeking protection of domain names, intellectual property, and avoiding legal landmines on the Internet.


The Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act is a federal law established in 1999. This act is intended to provide trademark and service mark owners legal protection against defendants who obtain domain names that are confusing or identical to your organization. Some individuals purchase domain names in bad faith to confuse the target audience.

Domain Name Disputes

Do you have a great product, but someone else has the domain name you love? Green Legal Group can help you to adopt, register, and protect your domain names.

Green Legal Group is committed to helping our customers with their Internet law issues. We provide assistance related to drafting development, subscriptions, service providers, license agreements, and developing online contracts. We assist customers in avoiding trademark infringement when registering domain names, and helping clients avoid copyright infringement if they use databases or works of others. If you have mistakenly copied the work of another person, we will provide advice and legal assistance to come to a quick resolution. Contact our law firm in Salt Lake City, Utah today for more information.