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Intellectual Property Attorney in Utah

The Green Legal Group Intellectual Property attorneys in Salt Lake City Utah can protect your IP

Intellectual Property Assistance from a Utah Business Attorney

Green Legal Group is committed to protecting your most valuable assets: your intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.. We have years of experience dealing with the legal issues surrounding intellectual property, portfolio management and disputes that arise regarding intellectual property. Our firm recognizes that your business’s most valuable assets are its intellectual property, which may sometimes be more difficult to protect because their intangible nature. If your intellectual property assets are not correctly safeguarded, they could be stolen, tarnished, or even lost.

There are many types of property rights under the umbrella of “intellectual property.” Certainly patents, trademarks and copyrights are all common intellectual property rights that have formalized procedures for securing federal registration of one’s rights to a particular invention, logo, or work of art. There are also state law protections for trade secrets—business methods, work processes, and client lists—that can protect your business even though there is no formal registration process. Technology is also rapidly expanding the scope of intellectual property protections.

Copyrights in Utah

Copyrights are used to protect your originally authored work from being reproduced or copied by another party. Copyright law pertains to books and other literature along with music and various forms of art. Federal copyright law will offer protection you need to display ownership for your work.

Patents in Utah

Patents are granted as a method to protect inventors and new technology. At Green Legal Group, our skilled attorneys are focused on helping companies and individuals secure patents to safeguard their ideas.

Trademarks in Utah

Trademarks are symbols and logos that are used to identify specific goods and services of individuals or organizations. The attorneys at Green Legal Group can provide assistance with trademark law to determine if the specific word, phrase, or logo can be registered by you.

At Green Legal Group, our intellectual property attorneys can assist you with all of your legal needs to ensure that your most valuable intellectual property assets are protected. Regardless of whether you need basic IP procurement and portfolio management or whether you believe your patent, trademark, copyright or some other right is being infringed our attorneys can help you. Call one of our intellectual property attorneys today for a Free Legal Consultation, (801)-405-7827.